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Storyplayer Modules

Modules For Stories

Storyplayer ships with over 20 modules that are ready to use straight away.

Module Use To …
Amazon AWS  
Amazon EC2  
Assertions test data that you’ve obtained from other modules
Browser control a web browser
Checkpoint get the Checkpoint object
cURL make cURL requests
DeviceManager start and stop the test device
Failure deal with actions that are expected to fail
File work with files locally
Form fill out forms in a web browser
Graphite get data from a Graphite server
Host work with hosts in your test environment
HTTP make HTTP/HTTPS requests
Log write to Storyplayer’s logfile
Provisioning provision hosts in your test environment
SavageD monitor processes and servers in your test environment
Storyplayer retrieve settings from your storyplayer.json config file
Supervisor work with Supervisor on hosts in your test environment
System Under Test get settings from your system under test config file
Test Environment get settings from your test environment config file
Timer wait for things to happen
UNIX Shell work with your local Linux / OSX computer
UUID create Universally-Unique IDs
Vagrant work with Vagrant
ZeroMQ use the ZeroMQ messaging library
ZMQ the original ZeroMQ module from SPv1


New for Storyplayer v2, we’ve added support for modules that provide iterators for your story:

Internal Modules

These modules are intended for internal use by Storyplayer, and you shouldn’t call them from your stories. You might find them useful if you’re writing new modules for Storyplayer, or adding new features.

Deprecated Modules

These modules will be removed in Storyplayer v3. Do not use them in new stories.

Module Use To …
Environment get settings from Storyplayer’s running config