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Testing Your Setup

Running Storyplayer’s Own Test Suite

The best way to test that everything is installed is to run Storyplayer’s own test suite:

# download the Storyplayer source code
cd $HOME
mkdir Projects
cd Projects
git clone
cd storyplayer

# install Storyplayer's PHP dependencies
# assumes you have installed composer as /usr/local/bin/composer
composer install

# download Storyplayer's Java dependencies
src/bin/storyplayer install

# Selenium is used to control web browsers
vendor/bin/ start

# check that Vagrant and Virtualbox are working together
( cd storyplayer/test-environments/vagrant-vbox-centos6-ssl && vagrant up )

# this will run Storyplayer's own test suite

Afterwards, you can delete the $HOME/Projects/storyplayer folder.