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Bring your stories to life using simple and powerful test automation.
Test your web app or API. End-to-end test your platform.
Test software written in any programming language.

Designed for developers and testers alike.

Currently at v2.3.2

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Test Your Code

Write tests for each service in your platform. Store those tests along side your code and unit tests. Know your service works as you develop it!

Learn how to test your code using Storyplayer.

Test Your Platform

Write end-to-end tests for your entire platform. Run them against QA, Staging and Production alike. Catch problems before your customers do!

Learn how to test your platform using Storyplayer.


All tests are written in pure PHP. There's no domain-specific language (DSL) to learn, just our extensive set of modules to save you time.

See the full list of modules that ship with Storyplayer.

Copyright (c) 2011-present MediaSift Ltd. Released under the 3-clause BSD license.