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Welcome To DataSift's Open Source Software

DataSift's business is built on Open Source software, whether it's the Linux operating system; popular programming languages such as Java, PHP, or NodeJS; networking technology such as ZeroMQ; or data storage & retrieval such as HDFS and Hadoop ... plus many, many more.

Here, you'll find our own contributions to the Open Source world:

  • The client libraries that we've written so that our customers can quickly get started on using our amazing data sifting platform, and
  • The tools and utilities that we've written ourselves, or that we've forked from existing projects on GitHub

We're always looking for people like us, who enjoy taking the best technology on the planet, and who are interested in the challenge of putting it to use to build the world's leading real-time data sifting platform. If that's you, please join us or learn more in our careers section.

Our Client Libraries For Our API

These libraries, created and maintained by the team at DataSift, are here to help you get started with DataSift's powerful platform as quickly as possible.

Sign up for a free trial account. If you run into any problems, our customer services team is available to help.

Our Public GitHub Repos

Here you'll find a mixture of original work that we're making available under an open source license, and open source projects from other organisations that we're investigating or adapting to use here at DataSift.

Everything here is offered without support, but if you run into any problems, please open an issue on the relevant repo, and we'll look into it when we get the chance.

Our Current Technical Job Vacancies

If you enjoy using our open source software, and are interested in joining the team behind these projects, here are the current vacancies in our technical teams.

We're always looking for good people, so if you don't see a role that exactly matches you, get in touch and say hello (you'll need to accept our Data Protection terms first), and we'll see how you might fit into the DataSift team.